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We are a small family run business who have been proudly providing fun Jumping Castles to families & business’s in the Illawarra for the past 10 years.


At Waliscags we believe that our customers deserve only the best old fashioned service. We are often quoted as saying we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

In order to meet this standard, the people we chose for our team are what makes Waliscags the successful family business it is today.


Waliscags was created by David Fraser, an enthusiastic and passionate man with a family and a dream for a better future for them….to achieve this, he risked ‘it all’ to own and run his own business. David wanted a business that suited his life stage with his children – his children often enjoyed being able to go to work with him – help setting up jumping castles. His passion for fun in celebrating birthdays and lives of children and his determination and hard work resulted in the birth of Waliscags a mere decade ago! David still remembers his 1st client and many of our other valued clients.


He has memorized many backyards in his time in delivering his Waliscags bundle of fun – jumping castles/slides/combos to many an excited birthday child’s party. Now, 10 years down the track – 4500 Waliscags birthday parties later David has created an even greater team! (that’s where I come in!)


stacyMe – Stacey (wife – better known as the CEO of paperwork and phone calls & happily married for 6 years)

I tend to ‘try’ to be that friendly voice on the end of the line when you guys call – generally with background noises of 2 & 4 year old girls demanding a ‘turn on the phone’. Or the breathless version when I run from the clothesline to catch the call…I do my best - and love a good chat and of course love kids parties. So I can quite often get caught up in the ‘details’ of cakes, decorations and themes of your children’s celebrations. I am also a high school teacher, I really enjoy my career and appreciate the new recruitment of Stephanie, so I can try and juggle my career, parenting and Waliscags.


Paul Hodder: AKA “Hodder” has been part of our Waliscags team for 8 years.

He’s the friendly face of Waliscags that you get to meet on delivery and set up of our Jumping Castles. He’s been a true asset to Waliscags with his passion for fun in a safe environment, professionalism in customer service and punctuality for delivery and pick-ups ensures Waliscags has continued to be the success it has the past decade. Hodder has slugged it out in all conditions over the past 8 years and has never let anyone down. Hodder has built quite a reputation and sees many of the same customers over the years.


johnJohn Fischer: Is our friendly family man of Waliscags.


He too, has a young family of his own and is a dedicated Dad. He knows from personal experience of his own children, god children and nieces and nephews of how much fun can be brought to a child’s world with a birthday party and Jumping Castle. This enthusiasm is with him with every delivery. He too values safety, quality customer service & punctuality for delivery. His dedication in providing for his family and commitment to us, has ensured John has been a valued team member of Waliscags for 3 years.


Stephanie Scaglione –my savior, and the newest recruit to our Waliscags team.


She is the friendly person answering your call. She too is a new stay at home mum and totally understands the ‘challenges’ us homekeepers manage throughout a phone call or birthday/event organization. She has a passion for kid’s fun and has awesome affordable ideas on how to really personalize your event and make your child feel ‘special’ on their birthday! We have known Stephanie for over 10 years and really appreciate the hard work she brings to the team.




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