Tips and Safety Information

How to book your jumping castle hire?

To book the best Jumping Castles Wollongong has to offer simply call 02 42856 881 or go to our Booking Enquiry page. We will then send you a confirmation of the booking details so that you know everything is booked and arranged.


What areas to you deliver to?

Being a Wollongong based business, our standard delivery area is from Helensburgh through to Kiama. Outside of this can be done for an additional delivery fee and is dependant on availability.


What is the latest time I can have the castle?

Unless we are supervising the castle then we have some safety restrictions around visibility for both the customer and our dismantling team.
Therefore the hire needs to be complete by –

  • 1st October to end of March        7pm
  • 1st April to end of September      5pm

What happens on the party day?

On the day of your hire we will deliver and install the castle after completing a safety survey of the intended site.  We will have the castle installed and running prior to your hire commencement. We will often arrive an hour or so earlier than the hire time, so please make arrangements if you are expecting to be out.

What is the rain cancellation policy?

All of our jumping castles and combos have rain covers to allow your party to proceed even if it's raining. We will always deliver a castle unless we have been contacted by you. However should you feel it necessary to cancel your party or event due to rain, it is important to contact Waliscags by 8am on the morning of the hire. We are a family operated business and we understand that kids can get sick or family emergencies arise to prevent you from having a Waliscags Party.

Deposits and payment?

At the time of delivery we will ask for the full payment plus a $50 deposit. This deposit is paid in good faith that the castle will be taken care of during your hire and that it will not be neglected or wilfully damaged. At the end of the hire we will refund the deposit to you.

How much space will I require?

All of our castle sizes are available on the Catalogue PDF or the Prices page of this site. Additionally you will require around 500mm (half a metre or 2 feet) of space in all directions around the castle / combo. Most of the inflatables are around 4 metres high and you need to consider overhead branches etc.

How long does it take to set up the jumping castle?

The jumping castle will be professionally installed by a Waliscags Installer. It takes around 15 - 20 minutes to set up the jumping castle depending on the type of access. If there are stairs or awkward site access restrictions we may ask for assistance as everyone’s safety is our concern.

Does the jumping castle have to be on grass?

Grass is the safest surface to install a castle upon, however at the time of booking we will ask you about your surface and can accommodate special arrangements if being set up inside, or on concrete etc.

Can I have a jumping castle indoors?

Yes, you can have a jumping castle indoors. Churches and halls generally have plenty of room for a jumping castle. Please check your height restriction and discuss with us at the time of booking.

Trained supervisors

If you are having your jumping castle hire in a public place or in the evening you will require a supervisor supplied by Waliscags. We will provide you with a price for one of our fully trained supervisors as part of our initial quotation. Our staff are professionally dressed in corporate uniform and are trained in all aspects of supervision of children on our jumping castles.

Does someone need to supervise the operation of the jumping castle?

Yes, a responsible adult over 18 years of age must supervise the jumping castle at all times. We will provide a complete safety guidline that the supervisor needs to be familiar with and adhere to. Alternatley you can hire one of our trained supervisors.

Sporting Events, Corporate events and Christmas Picnics, School Fetes and Markets etc

We will provide one of our trained castle supervisors as part of the quote. We can then offer coverage of our $10 million public liability insurance and will provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency when you confirm your booking.

What power is required for the jumping castle?

Power supply needs to be within 20 metres of the jumping castle. Waliscags will provide a circuit breaker protected extension lead. The maximum distance we can run the leads is 40m. After this the power supplied is not adequate and we need to consider alternative arrangements – generator etc. If you are planning to supply a generator it needs to be at least 6.5kva if you are running the castle alone.


Can I have a jumping castle on a slope?

Gentle slopes can be OK but please check with us first. Safety will always be our highest priority. If we are unsure we can offer a free site inspection where required.

Do you have insurance?


We carry $10,000,000.00 in Public Liability Insurance. Please let us know if you require a copy of our certificate of currency.

Can I hire bouncy castles after dark (at night)?

Yes, however we require one of our trained supervisors to be in attendance.



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